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For many people a cruise ship is not just the transportation to get to fantastic destination, but it is a destination all unto itself. All ships have bars and music venues, most have casinos, but when it comes to loads of over-the-top entertainment options, Anthem of the Seas has more than I have ever seen on a ship before.

The first bar we hit was The Music Hall located on deck 3 and 4. I was looking forward to ordering my favorite Royal Caribbean Signature drink, the BBC (Banana, Bailey’s and Coconut) while sitting down and relaxing until we were ready to set sail. We met some friends upstairs to have a few drinks before dinner the first night as well. The pool table is on the second level of the Music Hall. On the second day we went to the Music Hall to play BINGO. I have played many times before and have never won… until that day! I said I was going to win the third of the three games, since it was the largest prize. Sure enough, I finally won.

On deck 3, not too far from the Music Hall was the casino bar. It was a small bar and mostly serviced the players in the casino. The next bar we visited was the North Star bar to get another drink while leaving port. The North Star bar is right below the entrance to the North Star, which I will be covering in a little bit.

A couple of bars that are nice venues to listen to music and enjoy a drink are Boleros and the Schooner Bar, which both are staples across the Royal Caribbean fleet. Boleros, located on deck 4, is a Latin themed venue that offers some salsa music and a dance floor.

The Schooner Bar, located on deck 5 near Chops Grille, offers a wide variety of cocktails you can enjoy while listening to piano music or playing one of the many trivia games they offer during the cruise.

If you enjoy a nice tropical drink by the pool, you have several choices. If you are by the outdoor pool on deck 14, grab a refreshing drink at the Sky Bar, if you are enjoying lounging by the indoor pool on deck 14, the Pool Bar is there to serve you up a drink with a smile. At the aft of the ship in the Solarium, they have the Sunshine Bar. The Sunshine Bar also offers smoothies, that are really refreshing when you are not in the mood for alcohol, and they are also included in some of the drink packages.

For those that into wine, Royal Caribbean has Vintages wine bar on ships across their fleet. They have a nice selection of wines available.

The most unique of all the bars I have been to is The Bionic Bar. The drinks are made and served by robotic arms. You use a tablet at one of the tables to place your order. There is a monitor off to the side that will show you the most popular drinks based on which day of the cruise you are on. It will also let you know when your drink is ready and which lane it is in. You will then use your Sea Pass card or bracelet to unlock your drink from the conveyor. The drink selection is limited, and they don’t have frozen drinks, but it was a really unique experience. The only downside is that when the robotic arms shakes your drink, sometimes some leaks out and splashes around. At that point, someone will need to come out and reset it.

While catching a show you can order up your favorite cocktail in the Royal Theater or in Two70. In addition to the bar, they have waiters walking around before the show to take your order and serve you your drinks.

Peter Korer

I have been an avid traveler for the past 35 years. For the past 20 of those years, cruising has been my preferred method of travel. I have been all over the world and have discovered the best way to see many locations while enjoying the travel between them has been by ship.

After going on several cruises I had found a passion for knowing about every cruise line and ship available. My friends would come to me asking for my advice and recommendations for their cruises. I would happily help them out. I then decided to get my license and actually sell travel through the cruise line directly. It did not cost anything more for my friends to book through me since I was paid through the cruise lines as a travel agent, but the perks I received from the cruise lines were incredible. This enabled me to cruise more often and on more cruise ships. I love to share my knowledge with others and see them enjoy themselves as much as I have.

The reason I started this blog was to share my knowledge about cruising with as many people as I can. I am here to answer your questions and I will hopefully open your eyes to all of the wonderful possibilities that cruising has to offer.

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