The Amazing Island of Bermuda


Bermuda island, the extraordinary…

Relaxation can be found all year long in Bermuda.  You can be at ease hugging the soothing breeze and staring at your reflection from the clear blue water of the Atlantic Ocean.

Bermuda offers all this and provides the best ways to escape the chaotic world, which is what makes it such an ideal cruise port to visit.

Bermuda is one of the most beautiful places nature has given us for a memorable cruise getaway. The warm feel of your feet on the pale pink sand on the beach and the sparkling blue water of the sea, give you a perfect background for your fantasy vacation photographs. Your Bermuda memories are going to be your most cherished after you have explored all the exciting spots and attractions this breathtaking island has to offer.

With a majority of cruises staying up to 2-3 days ashore, this port allows you to experience the island at a more leisurely pace. You can get to explore many of the attractions in depth and utilize the ship as your hotel accommodations and for the included dining venues, but you can always opt for enjoying the local cuisine while on the island.

In addition to all of the well-planned tours offered through the cruise lines, there is plenty to see on your own. There are shops with a more local flair near the ship in the Royal Naval Dockyard, higher end shopping and more to see by taking the ferry to Hamilton or explore a quainter and more historic St. George, which is just a quick ferry ride away.

The pink sand beach and blue waters of Horseshoe Bay

Imagine, exhilarate and be lost in the magnificence of Bermuda aquarium and Crystal Caves

Let your ears get caressed with the sensual chirping of the neon pink flamingos welcoming you to the awesome native marine life and birds. Enjoy a lifetime adventure around the ice age cave, holding you spellbound with the exquisite amber-colored stalactites, reminding you of caves seen in movies. This location is a place not to miss during your port stop.

The shopping and night life are all available in Hamilton

A night to remember at night fishing

Ever doubted the possibility of fishing while on a cruise? Well, you are about to about experience an uncommon night on the island of Bermuda.

The island is renowned for extraordinary realities, and one of them is the chance tourists have to see and catch fish that they can’t see during the day in a 56-foot party boat fishing adventure. The ride also has an experienced crew to help tourist through the tour.

Port Royal Golf Course

Get mesmerized at the view of the Port Royal Golf Course

Make one of your afternoons at the port exclusively memorable with the enchanted view of the Royal Golf Course at the Southampton Parish by the Ocean Port Royal.

Considered to be one of the world’s most amazing public courses with the 16th hole chiseled into the side of the cliff. For avid golfers this is bound to be the highlight of the whole cruise.

Cannons located right near the ship at the Royal Naval Dockyard

For the history buffs...

Bermuda has a rich culture and long history spanning hundreds of years. Besides the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle, you can explore the National Museum of Bermuda. There are many historical activities you can explore at the Royal Naval Dockyard and St. George. There is never a shortage of things to do or things to learn.

Fall in love with the harbor nights

Bermuda truly has more than enough memorable experiences to give you in just three nights, so make plans to buy some timeless Bermuda crafts and treasures at the local shops and thrill your taste buds with the tasty traditional island dishes. That’s not all; the night also gives some rhythm to your dance moves.

Peter Korer

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